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yell, which sounded more human than anything 1
have heard from an animal, and'——

When we got our first look at the thing we had
pulled out of that hole we nearly died with fright,
It was something we had never seen before. With
terrible teeth and claws, a dark brown, shaggy
thing came at us like a streak of lightning. For-
tunately we had three big wolf-dogs with us, and
they made a dash for It. Evidently the dogs had
never seen this animal before, either; It turned
from us and went straight at these fierce, snarling
brutes—a thing which we had never seen any
other animal dare to do. In a flash the animal
had one of the dogs by the throat, and It wheeled
over on its back and fairly tore the head off of this
dog before the others could reach it.

The other two dogs, Ponoka and Nisitsi-Stumiks
(Elk and Seven Bulls), flashed Into the fray with
their tails lashing the ground, and we stood, too
scared to move, and watched the whirling sight.
It was the most thrilling battle I have ever seen—
just a whirling mass of tawny hair and brown
wool. Blood spattered everywhere, and those
unearthly human wails kept coming to us from
this terrible demon of the forests, as he rolled and
plunged and fought like a dozen wild beasts
thrown into one—and yet he was less than half
the size of one of our massive wolf-dogs.

When we began to collect our wits we moved